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Skin Care With Korean Red Ginseng

The Most Advanced Skincare Science, 'Dual Anti-Aging' Technology

From one sole raw material, Korean Red Ginseng, DONGINBI discovered three signature ingredients, which are red ginseng concentrate, red ginseng extract and red ginseng oil. These three signature ingredients enable the DONGINBI-exclusive 'Dual anti-aging' mechanisms. With 'Pre-anti-aging' care to prevent aging by enhancing its own natural strengths of the skin and 'Intensive-ant-aging' care to repair the current, visible signs of aging with our exclusive skin-density care technology, enchange the natural radiance of your glowing healthy, firm skin.

1st Signature Ingredient

The true power of condensation, collected one drop per root. The first to be completed by CheonKwanJang to earn a more condensed, more enriched ingredient is red ginseng oil. In its continuous study on red ginseng, CheonKwanJang Lab made the discovey that oil can be extracted from Red Ginseng. From the enlightenment to the creation of the original Red Ginseng Oil, DONGINBI has repeated research and innovation. Only one drop per root. It was the boldness and the persistence within DONGINBI that instilled those drops into its products.

2nd Signature Ingredient

DONGINBI's original water base condensed with red ginseng steam with the origin of condensed water found in the Joseon dynasty. The ancestral wisdom of using red ginseng steam for skincare has become the beginning of condensed red ginseng water, the second signature ingredient by CheonKwanJang. It is the embodiment of DONGINBI's philosphy. The purity and richness within condensed drops of red ginseng steam. The energy derived from the condensed steam fills skin with moisture.

3rd Signature Ingredient

Red ginseng extract, more complete with 100 years of history Red ginseng grows from the energy of the earth. Embracing the condensed vital energy in the root is DONGINBI's third signature ingredient, Red Ginseng Extract. The history of CheongKwanJang has been developed with Red Ginseng Extract. Since the creation of Red Ginseng products for external use in 191, Red Ginseng Extract has persisted on its path to complete itself. It is DONGINBI's original and valuable ingredient that enriches the skin's own vital energy.

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