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A New Era Of Skincare With Dual Anti-Aging Technology

Time is the dominant factor for determining your beauty.
DONGINBI, believing in the power of time, devoted three decades to find out the time-changing secrets for ageless skin. And we, finally discovered the hidden secrets for timeless beauty.

Redginsenic™, the epitome of DONGINBI's decades of research in skin science, maximizes the vitalizing power of red ginseng and realizes unparalleled dual anti-aging mechanisms. With 'Pre-anti-aging' care to prevent aging by enhancing its own natural strengths of the skin and 'Intensive anti-aging' care to repair the current, visible signs of aging with our exclusive skin-density care technology, DONGINBI presents the comprehensive solutions for ageless beauty.

DONGINBI, the beginning of 'Dual anti-aging' for timeless beauty of your skin.

As you meet the extraordinary skincare routines of DONGINBI, your skin will look firmer, more radiant and strengthened with our exclusive skin-density care.
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Pre Anti-Aging

Intensive Anti-Aging Repair

The Blossoming Fragrance Of The Journey After 6 Years Of Cultivation

The beauty of nature has been captured inside and out of our products. The long wait through six springs, summers, autumns, and winters has ripened into the freshness of the sprouts, the loveliness of the flowers in summer, the vitality and energy of the fruits, and the earth's maturity and warmth. DONGINBI's fragrances have been infused with graceful and profound fragrances to complete our beauty.

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